Video of Roundabouts on the A46 Lincoln and the slip road

Here are a couple of videos you may find useful to better understand Lincoln's roundabouts and the A46 slip road.


If you have a Smart TV you will be able to watch on a large screen, which is much clearer. Just go to your YouTube App and search 'Lincoln's A46 Roundabouts'

This is a 9 minute video of all of the Lincoln A46 roundabouts from Hykeham to Riseholme. Most clips are turning right, many on the spiral roundabouts.


The principles of a spiral roundabout are to:


1. On the appraoch identify the correct lane you need for your destination.

2. Follow the lane, usually a spiral will take you from the centre island and lead you to the outer exit          (spiral - a circle with an ever increasing radius).

3. Control your speed - usually 20mph is adequate

4. Keep your lane, don't drift out of it.If you're crossing a white line it probably means you are going wrong.

5. Be aware of all the other traffic. Remember most other drivers dont know what a spiral roundabout is and they just straight line across it.

Usually we join the A46 bypass at a roundabout. However at Thorpe on the Hill we join it from a slip road. This can be a challenge as the slip road is only about 80 metres long. You need to be totally aware of all the traffic around you before you decide it is safe to join the dual carriageway.

This is quite a long video. It is here to demonstrate country driving, where you drive to the limit point. Reduce the speed before you reach the bend, steer around the bend, then when the limit point increases sqeeeeze the gas.

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