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Tell me and I forget.

Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.


Benjamin Franklin

Select Drive - Automatic Driving Instructor Lincoln


Select Drive believes that if you are going to learn how to drive safely, you must enjoy your driving lessons. The lesson needs to be challenging, not overwhelming.


Before starting lessons in an automatic car, many customers have reached a certain level in a manual, for instance roundabouts, then struggle to co-ordinate braking and clutch control with gear selection and observations. It is at this point the driving lesson is endured, not enjoyed. They then give up for a few years, start again in an automatic and wish they had chosen that option in the first place.


Hill starts are a doddle in an automatic car: hold the car on the foot-brake, when you are ready, move the foot off the brake pedal and on to the gas pedal, squeeze the gas and you are away - no rolling back!


At junctions, you can just hold the car on the footbrake, or the hand-brake - the choice is yours. When it is safe to move, squeeze the gas and you are moving.


The learning experience

Driving instruction provided by a patient and understanding instructor


Before you can apply for your practical driving test you must pass the Theory Test.

Select Drive customers are individually supported using the Theory Pro App


From the start you will be provided with a knowledge that is simple and easy to understand. You’ll receive printed guides for manouvres and access to useful videos .


You may already have a driving licence and just need some confidence building lessons. This can be done to match your needs.

Can I choose what to do in a lesson? Yes, it's your lesson - your choice. However, we do need to cover certain subjects in a logical order so you may be advised that before we fulfil your wish to go on the dual carriageway we should learn how to move off and stop!


What if I make a mistake when I'm driving?  You will make mistakes, but it's not a problem. Making mistakes is one of the best ways to learn something. 



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As we can seldom take a phone call during the day due to lessons, it is usually better to send a text or email and we can call you back as soon as possible.

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