Comments from some who have passed their driving test:

Steve is really positive. Thank yo so  much!        Lily


Steve is very patient and reassuring. Thank you.          Courtney


Excellent and confidence building.        Darin


I loved learning to drive with Steve. He's very experienced and is great at teaching. I wouldn't have picked anywhere else to learn to drive.        Ellie


Steve is excellent. Very patient and knowledgeable. He wants you to drive safely and well. Best instructor in the area.          Christian


It was very good. It was fun and easy.      Alice


Relaxing and very informative. Patient and very friendly.     Megan


It is very good learning with Select Drive. I am so happy!   Caro


Learning to drive with Select Drive has been great. Would highly recommend!     Kirsty


An absolute pleasure. Select Drive is the place to learn.          Scott


A joyful experience.      Andrew


Steve is very patient, calm and kind. He omproved my confidence. I will recommend him! Bukky


Absolutely fantastic! steve is a great instructor and gives the best advice.        Laura


Steve was very patient with me and the use of visualson the iPad really helped me as a visual learner.         Enya


An amazing experience with Steve who was so understanding and patient.     Sophie


Fantastic, Steve is a very good instructor.    Nada


I found steve to be very patient with me. He is experienced and willing to teach and maintain good road safety.       Temitope 


I highly recommend Steve. I never thought I would be able to drive as I was such an anxious driver and gave up a few times with other instructors. Steve put me at ease and was very professional and patient with me. I'm now a confident driver, I realy cant thank him enough!    Jessica


Brilliant. Steve really boosted my confidence and he helps keep a anxious drivers calm.   Ebb


Brilliant, never felt pressured, easy to understand and really easy to get on with.    Jack


Steve is great at putting you at ease. Really fun to learn.        Rachel


Steve is an excellent instructor who really makes sure that you understand how to drive safely and well. He definitely puts you at ease annd makes sure you're ready for your test.   Kaitlin


I loved it. Thank you steve, you helped me a lot.       Anastasia


I had a very nice experience with Select Drive. Steve is calm and reassuring and very professional. I enjoyed the experience and happily passed the test first time.    Rabab


Steve is amazing. Filled me with confidence.     James


Steve is patient friendly and a very good instructor.     Elizabeth


Patient    Fun    Loved every lesson.       India


Great time, fantastic instructor. Steve helped me to learn and practice new skills.    Ania


Extremely helpful and patient.      Chelsea


It's been an extremely enjoyable experience. I've enjoyed every minute.     Amy


Amazing! Passing first time was amazing and couldnt have done it without Steve.   Katie


Steve was very patient and a great teacher. He ensured I was adequately prepared to pass the test first time.    B


Steve has been a great teacher - very patient and has taught me well!    Jasmine


Steve is really great. he has all the patience to help you pass your test. I would definately recommend him.               Gopika


Very supportive learning experience. Good structure and teaching style.       Ruby


Steve tailors his teaching to your learning style to help you progress. I learnt so much valuable info that I will alwats carry with me.    Amber


Steve is very patient and very pleasant to be taught by. Highly recommend!    Craig


Professional, pleasanta nd interesting.   Ehi


Very pleasant and relaxed. Steve is on the ball but very friendly.      Hoda


I had an amazing time with Steve. I felt really comfortable amd not pressured. Steve was fantastic. I owe my licence to him.      Scott


Professional.      Excellence.         Abby


A great experience. Steve was really patient, just like everyone said.     Iki


Calm and relaxing, a very comfortable environment to learn in.         Jack


Steve was very helpfull and patient. I would fully recommend to anybody.     Stephen


Steve was very reassuring. I felt he helped me improve without letting me get away with things.        Neil


Steve is very patient and gives you the confidence you need to pass your test.   Wayne


Steve has been an amazing driving instructor. Very very patient. Highly recommended.    



It was a wonderful experience. Steve is a lovely instructor with great skills. He encourgaed me and worked on my weak areas. I 100% recommend him to my friends. PS He has a beautiful car which is easy to use for a first timer.      Rita


Fantastic , patient and very calm instructor.           Michael


Brilliant experience. Steve was a great instructor.    Sharna


Steve was relaxing, reassuring and explains things so well. Thank you for being an excellent teacher and making sure I didn't give up. Sue


Reassuring and fun.     Charlotte


I finally felt confident to drive. Everything was relaxed and really well explained.  Dani


My experience has been a very pleasant one.  I will always recommend Steve to everybody. 



Great learning experience. Steve is the best tutor I have ever had. Highly recommended.     Gina


Steve was an amazing instructor, with lots of oatience and positivity.      Darren


My experience was brilliant and the lessons were extremely helpful. Steve was a fantastic instructor.           Niall


Steve made learing very easy and simple. He is very calm and patient and has made driving go from scary to exciting.    Jenna


Excellent, felt very comfortable with Steve. great instructor and I passed first time!  Ciara


I learnt very quickly. Steve made me comfortable and confident. Would 100% recommend.     Natalie 


Steve was patient and a great instructor.      Mei


That was an amazing experience! Steve is a really awesome instructor!        Yulia


Excellent experience and Steve is the best instructor who helps to build your driving confidence.    Radvile


Brilliant. Steve always made me feel that I could do it. Natalie


Thank you Steve so much. You are the best instructor.       Darya


Steve was the best instructor. He taught me everything from the beginning.     Valentina


Steve was a great teacher with lots of great tips.      Pete


For nervous drivers Steve is very patient. An excellent tutor that I'd highly recommend.    Sarah


Steve's instruction was friendly, instructive and focussed.      Leo


Steve is the best instructor. I learned everything about driving properly.        Alex


Steve helped me gain confidence in my ability to drive.       Jordan


Steve gave really helful tips with manouvres and good advice regarding general driving.     Emily


Steve was great to learn with. he waas very patient and worked to my busy schedule.     Jessica


Steve was spot on. I got on well with him and I advise evveryone to have him as their automatic instructor.     Joe


Steve is really good at confidence building and reassuring. He provided loads of words of wisdom.      Dana


I've learned alot and most especially I'm more confident now in my driving.   Cherriza


Steve has been fantastic. Very professional and made me feel relaxed and calm.      Nicola


Great, very calm instructor. Would highly recommend.     Callum


Steve was fab. Going automatic was the best decision ever!! Would certainly recommend!! Sammy


Very enjoyable lessons. Steve made me feel comfortable and confident at all times.   Steph


Highly recommending Steve doesn't describe it, I have a very hectic lifestyle and Steve would always work around me. I have had a few instructors before which made me nervous and Steve always made me so relaxed, brought the best out of my driving and hasn't just made me a good driver but a safe driver. Will definately be telling my friends and family about Select Drive!    Emma


Very pleasant learning experience. Steve is a fantastic instructor.    Hua


Switching to learning to drive in an automatic from manual was my best decision ever. Steve was great!      Kendall


Absolutely amazing!       Chloe


Very positive, enjoyed lessons and felt very comfortable when driving.    Riah


Very pleasurable learning with Steve. Very efficient and effective teaching. I will definately recommend to my friends.    Ziqi


I've enjoyed learning with Steve so much.    Steph


Brilliant. I feel very confident driving. Delight to learn with you.      Naomi 


Thank you!  I have really enjoyed learning to drive with Steve. He's calming, professional and incredibly patient! I can thoroughly recommend Select Drive - Excellent!        Lindsay


It was a great experience. Steve was so calm, flexible and very understanding.   Faleye


Best instructor I've had, made me feel at ease. 5 stars and would highly recommend.   Janenne


Very positive. In the past I thought I would never pass but Steve got me through it!!    Becky


Brilliant. I passed!    Hannah


Excellent and polite. I really enjoyed my time learning to drive.     Sam 


Steve is very thorough and patient. He is calm and knowledgable which helps learners.       Andrew


Very patient, reliable and professional instructor. I passed my test with ease. I would definately recommend Steve to everyone.        Penny


I would recommend Steve to anyone wishing to learn to drive.      Jackie


Friendly, professional instructor. A pleasure learning to drive with Select Drive.    Jency


Steve really made me feel confident and made sure I was ready. Thank you.           Evelyn


Steve is the best. passed 1st time with his help. Thanks. Would recommend to everybody.      Signe


Brilliant!!      Phillipa


Fantastic, achieved what several other instructors couldn't - got me through!!!        Ryan


I was very nervous when I first started, but Steve is very patient and explained things in a way I understood.   Amy


Steve was a good instructor. He made me at ease and explained everything in step by step format. I did not feel nervous at all. Thank you for an amazing driving experience.   Cheryl


A really enjoyable experience learning with Steve, always went the extra mile and I would recommend to anyone!   Adam


Pleasure to learn with Steve. Really knows his stuff and makes learning to drive easy!     Sam


Steve was very patient and took his timeto explain things really well. He is a brilliant driving instructor and I would recommend him to anyone.     Wendy


It went very well. Steve was very patient with me. He also went through everything thoroughly.     Tashinga


 It was so easy and amazing. Thank you so much Steve, You're the best!!!   Lizzy


Very good.    Helen


Fantastic, really helped to bring my confidence back.    Claire


Steve made me feel at ease from the first lesson. Will miss our chats.      Charlie


Really helpful advice and very friendly instructor.    Alice 


Very straight forward, calm. Felt well prepared.      Alex


Really pleased! Always friendly, professional and efficient. Couldn't ask for a better instructor.      Chris


Steve has been great, patient and brilliant at explaining. Highly recommended. No stress.     Jenna


I really enjoyed my lessons with Steve. He is very friendly and patient.     Mandy


Great, good tips given about driving. Good communication. Overall great instructor and nice car also.   Ethasor


Great fun, great experience. Great instructor, Steve's the man! Please I chose Select Drive, would recommend.  Danny 


Absolutely brilliant. Steve is so patient and understanding. Highly recommend him.     Lynne


Steve was always positive and upbeat. Great experience.     Jen


Steve is briliant. He is very patient and explained everything clearly. Couldn't recommend enough. Best instructor!      Li Jin


Very easy to understand driving with Steve. He made everything simple and stress free.     Alex


A very positive experience with a very experienced, friendly instructor. Steve made me feel that I would pass!       Val


Steve is very professional. He is patient at the same time. I learnt real driving from him.     Wenjuan


Amazing - I was worried about driving when I started but was put at ease straight away. I could not recommend Steve enough.     Mia


I have enjoyed my lessons and would recommend Steve.       Deborah


I have felt relaxed and happy on all my lessons and would recommend Steve.    Vicky


Great experience, fantastic instructor.    Sam


Steve is awesome and very patient.    Collette


Steve is really calming, reassuring, patient and funny - I’m going to miss our chats.    Tracy


Steve is a very good instructor, has patience and is very helpful.    Diana


Great experience. Steve was very helpful.    Stuart


Steve is really easy to get along with and is more like a helpful passenger than an instructor.He makes it more relaxed to learn.    Neil


It was really positive learning. Steve was very patient and calm, helps me calm my nerves.    Deepa


Steve is a nice and professional instructor!    Vivi


Steve was very patient and encouraging.    Susie


Steve is confidence boosting and flexible. The most important in learning to drive.        Keeley


Very friendly instructor and provided very detailed information about driving.    Yee


It has been very positive. Steve has been great.    Alan


Steve is very patient and explains things clearly. I’ve enjoyed learning to drive with him, much better than with previous instructors.        Mary-Anne


Steve is a really good teacher. he is patient and professional, very niceHis class is really helpful for me. I will definitely recommend him to my friends.    Di


It has been such an enjoyable and scary 10 weeks. I’m thrilled I passed.    Thea


Great instructor and very patient. Ensures you become an excellent driver.    Obinna


Very helpful and patient. Created a relaxed learning environment.        Daniel


Steve was amazing and patient at all times.        Donna


Friendly, great instructor. Makes you feel comfortable all the time.        Scott


Excellent instructor, Steve restored my confidence and was lovely.        Melanie


Enjoyable. Put at ease. steve made it seem easy.        Hayley


Steve was an absolutely fantastic instructor. I couldn’t have asked for anything more!!!!    Natalie


I found the learning experience quite pleasant. Steve was very patient and kind.    Pam


It was really practical and useful. I feel more confident now!        Natalia


Steve explains everything in detail and makes everything so simple. A good character and a great teacher.    David


Amazing. Steve was fantastic. So patient and helpful.    Gemma

Absolutely fantastic. perfect instruction, easy to follow and learn.        Daniel


Very lucky to have Steve as my instructor. Very supportive and easy to understand his 



Steve has been a very patient and friendly instructor, he is very calm. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for lessons.        Steph


Steve was the best instructor and I would highly recommend him to all my friends and family. he prepared me thoroughly for the test.        Fay


Steve has been fab. He took away my nerves and made me confident enough to pass first time.    Lauren


Very helpful, informative and friendly. Would highly recommend.    Matthew


My experience has been fab. Steve has made everything seem easy and stressless.    Bronte


Very calm and helpful. Steve points out the mistakes in a calm way.    Anthony


Steve was very patient. Easy car to drive.    Anna    


Brilliant. Calm and brilliant instructor.        Stephanie


Excellent - Steve was supportive, patient and reassuring. He has really built up my confidence.    Kelly


It’s been a pleasure. Thanks for the patience.    Kim


Steve was patient and very understanding.        Phillipa


Amazing and friendly instructor who was patient with me, which is what I needed to build up my confidence.    Jackie


Manouvres made simple. Confidence building.    Lucy


Amazing Steve was really nice and helped me to become a confident driver.    Natalie


So professional and wonderful.    Linh


Steve was brilliant.    Melissa


It was amazing, Steve is really cool but very particular about every aspect of driving.    Dr D


I found the experience very easy and relaxing. Having a friendly instructor helped.    Elliot


Brilliant. Will be recommending.    Janine


Steve was patient and very helpful.        Paul


Patience. Steve was always punctual and PATIENT.    Iwona


Steve was professional and friendly. Would definitely recommend.        Charly


Excellent. No complaints, everything you could ask for in a driving instructor.    Laura


Steve was professional, friendly and encouraging. Criticism was always constructive.    Adam


Steve is fantastic. Put me at ease and very encouraging.    Sarah


Thorough and systematic approach of instruction.    Dr L


Very enjoyable. Loved it.    Joanna


Fantastic. Very patient and helped a lot.    Mini


Very enjoyable. Very good. Steve was great.        Charlotte


Was much easier and clear to go for help and information.        Athene


The most excellent instructor for safe driving.        Comfort


Professional, friendly and patient tuition. Focus on the individual and intuitive driving.    Jenny


Steve is a very patient and kind instructor. He goes the extra length to make sure you are perfect in driving, he won't accept anything less.    Ola


Steve was fantastic. Steve made me feel relaxed and boosted my confidence along the way.    Danielle


I had a great experience with a friendly and helpful instructor. I even passed first time.     Paula


Pleasant efficient and effective.     Dr T


A fab instructor.    Kristina


Steve was a very knowledgeable and supportive instructor.        Chelsea


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