Confidence Booster Lessons - so much easier in an automatic car

There are many who passed their driving test a long time ago and have let their level of driving experience and confidence decline to such a level that they no longer feel safe to drive.


If this is you, why not arrange a one hour lesson to see if you will be able to regain that confidence? We will go to a very quiet area and introduce the car. It is an automatic Toyota Auris Hybrid which is extremely simple, quiet and easy to drive. It is fitted with a dual brake, operated by the instructor, as an extra safety feature.


As your skill level improves we move to more challenging environments, not overwhelming as it's your lesson. You need to enjoy the lesson, not endure it!


You may wish to use your own car for the lessons, which is perfectly feasable once we agree you are at the appropriate level.


Most Confidence Booster customers know where they want to be able to drive to: their favourite supermarket, garden centre, or family address. We can focus on these particular routes if you wish





For Full Licence holders the hourly rate is £36

The first introduction lesson lasts just one hour. Subsequent lessons are usually 90 minutes which totals £54 per lesson.

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Phone Calls

As we can seldom take a phone call during the day due to lessons, it is usually better to send a text or email and we can call you back as soon as possible.

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